Professional Development for Teachers

(prices listed do not include travel and lodging)

“Creativity is as important in education as literacy.”
(Sir Ken Robinson, 2007)
(prices listed do not include travel and lodging)

Dance For Schools: An Effective Method for Teaching Folk Dance
How can I best introduce my students to traditional American and Appalachian dance? What dances should I teach them? What’s the correct version of the Virginia Reel? Where can I get good music for early American dance?
Get these (and more) questions answered and have fun at the same time! Jennifer’s method of teaching dance to young people is tried and true – learned from her mentors and perfected from years of practical application in schools around the world. Participants will be provided with a CD-ROM of instructions for several simple dances, as well as an order form for Jennifer’s full teaching resource, “American Dance and Singing Games: Cooperative Recreation for Community and Classroom.
from 8 to 40 participants
/ 6 hours / $900

Jennifer Rose and her husband Alfredo Escobar offer their unique perspective on how to welcome Latino students into a typical Kentucky classroom. Participants learn about Mexican culture in particular, through folk tales, music and dance as well as the art of Diego Rivera and his contemporaries. Alfredo was born in Chile, immigrating to Kentucky as a 5th grader. He shares his experience with teachers to help them understand their immigrant students, and be better prepared to help those students succeed in an American classroom. Jennifer and Alfredo lead teachers in a safe and healthy discussion of sterotypes and how to overcome them in ourselves and our students.
from 8 to 20 participants / 6 hours / $1200

Gentility, the Measure of Colonial Greatness
It has been said that the status of a Colonial gentleman was decided on the dance floor. Learn to teach American Colonial culture through dance, song, and story; getting your students up and engaged in hands-on learning.
from 8 to 40 participants / 3 hours / $600
I Can Play the Appalachian Lap Dulcimer
Participants learn to play several simple songs on the Appalachian Lap Dulcimer, a traditional Appalachian stringed instrument… the state instrument of Kentucky! It’s simple structure and Jennifer’s patient teaching style are a winning combination that makes everyone a musician by the end of the session!
from 8 to 20 participants / 3 hours / $700
(Jennifer provides dulcimers for the session, or contact us to order them) 
Customized PD sessions are common – contact us to design your own!
A Brief History of Jennifer’s Educational Programs
1986began teaching traditional dance in regional school systems.
– BA in Vocal Music from Berea College, with high honors and awards for participation in Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Country Dancers and other groups. Performance and study trips to Japan, Italy, Denmark and many US states.
1990’s – Berea College’s Christmas Country Dance School Instructor for Garland Dance, Women’s Ritual Dance, Children’s Singing Games, et al
1995 – accepted to the Kentucky Arts Council Roster of Educational Artists
1996 – Music and Dance Faculty with the Kentucky Center and the Kentucky Department of Education’s professional development programs: Kentucky Institute for Arts in Education and Academies for Arts and Humanities, accepted to the VSA Arts of Kentucky Roster of Artists with qualifications for work with Special Needs students.
1997 – accepted to the Kentucky Center Educational Artist Showcase
2000 – trained in Different Ways of Knowing, Kennedy Center Professional Development Method
2001 – represented Kentucky at VSA national Conference for Artists, trained in working with early childhood education.
2002 – published American Folk and Modern Dance for Schools, a comprehensive American dance resource for teachers.
2005 – published American Heritage Playparty and Singing Games, a resource for primary teachers
2010 – scheduled release of Gypsy At Home, an entertaining and conversational autobiographical account of dancing childhood in Berea, KY.

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