There are several ways to buy Jennifer Rose recordings:

1 – visit CD Baby to order CDs securely online

2 – order the album or individual tracks on iTunes

3 – listen/download the album or tracks on Spotify


These two resources are now combined into a single book version, available on DVD-ROM

When is the best time to introduce children to music and movement? As soon as possible! Research shows that children need musical stimulation and hands-on experience with music. Generations of our ancestors have known this in their cultures, giving us a heritage full of singing and Playparty games. This manual is geared toward early childhood and primary teachers, but many of the activities are appropriate for older students as well. This manual includes 42 songs and singing games, along with historic notes, teaching tips, and questions for discussion. A CD of tunes and a DVD of demonstrations for most of the dances accompany the written resource.

American Folk and Modern Dance for Schools is the result of over two decades of teaching dance to students across the United States and abroad. Responding to a lack of materials available to teachers in the public schools, Jennifer Rose developed a manual specifically designed for educators, complete with a CD of music and instructional video. This resource, completed in 2001, has been well received in schools across Kentucky and in other states. Teachers and community leaders have been delighted with its simple explanations and the quality of the video demonstrations. “It’s Dance for Dummies,” one teacher remarked, “Even I can do it now!”

CLICK HERE to print out an order form.

Jennifer is featured in several educational publications created by Kentucky Educational Television:
Art to Heart,
The Music Toolkit,
and The Dance Toolkit.

For more information, contact Jennifer’s team directly at

For more information about quality, handmade dulcimers, link to Warren A May, The Berea woodworker who made Jennifer’s dulcimers.

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