K-12 Programs

(prices listed do not include travel and lodging)

A Day of Appalachian Dance / $500
Workshops or Assembly Program(s) in Appalachian Dance
For Grades K-8
Up to five classroom-size workshops or two assembly programs (or some combination), in which students view, learn and present Appalachian dances from circles to squares.
A Day of Appalachian Music / $500
Workshops or Assembly Program(s) in Appalachian Music
For grades K-12
Up to five classroom-size workshops or two assembly programs (or some combination), in which students hear and sing selected Appalachian songs and are introduced to the Appalachian Dulcimer as a folk instrument.  Diversity within Appalachian culture and the influences of European and African music on American folk music are addressed.
Berea Festival Dancers / $1000 (contact us for details on multiple performances in the same school or district)
Assembly and up to 2 workshops
for grades K-12
The Berea Festival Dancers began in 1984 when a group of high schoolers in Berea, Kentucky, formed an ensemble to learn and perform traditional American and European folk dance.  Jennifer Rose was a member of that original group, and now she is the Director. Hundreds of teens from the Berea area have participated in the group during its 30+ years of existence, and the group has traveled extensively, with tours in Spain, Denmark, Australia, FIji, Canada, Ireland, and throughout the United States.
Dance and Music of Appalachia / $1500
Four-Day Residency
for grades K-8
Students learn the history of Appalachia through dance and song, and are prepared to present a show as a culminating event.  Concepts such as how dance and music relate to culture, history of folk instruments, locomotor and nonlocomotor movements, pathway, and rhythm are addressed.
Appalachian Songs and Singing Games / $1500
Four-Day Residency
for grades K-8
Students learn about Appalachian culture through its music, including silly songs, songs about community, and historic singing games.  Students discover the diversity in Appalachian heritage and the influence of European and African music on American musical culture.
I Can Play the Appalachian Lap Dulcimer / $2000
Five-Day Residency
for grades 3-8
Students learn to play the Appalachian Lap Dulcimer, a traditional Appalachian stringed instrument, and are prepared to present a short program at the end of the visit, augmented by Jennifer’s expert performance of several Appalachian folk songs.
(Jennifer provides up to 26 dulcimers, or contact us about where to order them)
Creating Cultural Theater / $2500 plus supplies
Five-Day Residency with two artists for up to 100 students
For grades 5-8.
Students work together to create and produce a comedy about rural Kentucky life in the 1940’s, using as a springboard their own prior research in the local history of their geographic area.  Concepts in dance, music, art and theater are addressed.
Mexican Dance and Culture / $1800
Four-Day Residency
for grades K-8
Students learn about Mexico and its rich heritage through experiences in Mexican folkloric dance, including “Jarabe Tapatio,” or the Mexican Hat Dance. Mexican dance is active, with simple pathways and interesting rhythms. Several of the dances taught in this residency have colorful props, and a culminating performance combined with an exhibit of Mexican clothing and/or artifacts can be planned. The majority of the material taught in this residency was gathered during Jennifer’s field study to Mexico in 2007.

Please note:  Schools booking Jennifer Rose and Alfredo Escobar for the same time period will receive a significant discount. Many of the music and dance residency projects above have “partner” visual art residencies done by Alfredo. Contact us for details.

A Brief History of Jennifer’s Educational Programs

1986 – began teaching traditional dance in regional school systems.
1992 – BA in Vocal Music from Berea College, with high honors and awards for participation in Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Country Dancers and other groups. Performance and study trips to Japan, Italy, Denmark and many US states.
1990’s – Berea College’s Christmas Country Dance School Instructor for Garland Dance, Women’s Ritual Dance, Children’s Singing Games, et al
1995 – accepted to the Kentucky Arts Council Roster of Educational Artists
1996 – Music and Dance Faculty with the Kentucky Center and the Kentucky Department of Education’s professional development programs: Kentucky Institute for Arts in Education and Academies for Arts and Humanities, accepted to the VSA Arts of Kentucky Roster of Artists with qualifications for work with Special Needs students.
1997 – accepted to the Kentucky Center Educational Artist Showcase
2000 – trained in Different Ways of Knowing, Kennedy Center Professional Development Method
2001 – represented Kentucky at VSA national Conference for Artists, trained in working with early childhood education.
2002 – published American Folk and Modern Dance for Schools, a comprehensive American dance resource for teachers.
2005 – published American Heritage Playparty and Singing Games, a resource for primary teachers
2017 – scheduled release of Gypsy At Home, an entertaining and conversational autobiographical account of dancing childhood in Berea, KY.

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