Welcome to the Jennifer Rose Website!

We’re glad you’re here!

There are lots of things you can do from this page. You can learn about Jennifer’s music and where to get it. You can link to the various dance groups Jennifer works with, and find out about her educational programs. You can link to her family video blog, JAIL Break, or find out about the beautiful farm and retreat center where they live. You can request more information, or find out how to contact Jennifer’s team directly. You can post a comment related to Jennifer’s life or work. And probably other things we didn’t think of! We hope you enjoy your visit to the site, and that you’ll come back often.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jennifer Rose Website!

  1. Hello, Jennifer and family. Just thinking about you all and remembering your two visits to Ironton and our home. The two girls must be in high school now.

    We are no longer associated with the arts council, retired from that in 2014.

    Something I read reminded me of your family. Have a great year!

    Bruce and Susie Brown

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    1. How wonderful to hear from you! We remember our times with you fondly. Come see us in Berea! The girls are entering 10th and 8th grades this fall, and are lovely people (usually). We would love to see you again.


  2. Jennifer, I loved our time together this summer at the Danville Art’s Academy. I want to begin incorporating dulcimers into our school. I already have a class set of violins that I work with the fourth and fifth graders and would love to expand with the dulcimers to grade 3 and perhaps add that to grades four and five. I’m writing you from home and have my arts academy materia at school. I WANT you to come to ELKHORN ELEMENTARY (Frankfort). Would you please review with me and direct me in our hand outs how to obtain your teaching services? Also, I believe Judy said there is an application to fill out for grant money. I’m going to read through my paperwork. I figure between the two of us, we can make it happen.

    Look forward to working with you!

    Alicia Lyles


  3. Dear Jennifer, Susie and I are at home listening to your CD “Something Olde…New” and reminiscing about our years with the Ironton Council for the Arts artist series. We never did get to visit you and the family in Berea, although we drove through the college one day and ate at our favorite local family restaurant.

    I was just considering in wonder that you could sing all those complicated folk songs by heart! My band plays And sings some of them, but your versions seem more authentic.

    I hope the pandemic has not adversely affected your musical efforts. Our band has dis-banded for the duration. My music is now mostly ragtime, which I enjoy on both mandolin and fiddle, played in the basement to my cat, who leaves.

    Best Wishes,

    Bruce and Susie Brown
    Ironton, OH


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